My name is Arion ,32 years from Southern Africa,I had chronic and prolonged Stds 2009.I have used my drugs both herbal and conventional medicine but all my efforts was futiled exercised. This matter discouraged me to marry because i didnt want to create problem for my partner. Blood was coming out if i'm urinating,having severe waist and back pains,movement like wormlike and constant headache. Untill Jan 2020 when was searching for Gonorrhea &Statph aureus treatment and i found Whomp Herbal products online. I visited their Head Office in lagos,i was given Deekah formulae with Tee&Tee Detox herbal blood cleanser.I was 100% okay aftern taken the complete dosage prescribed for me.There is power in nature ,with Whomp herbal products life goes on. Mr****Ariom 32 years Enugu Nigeria.
Success Story: Mrs****-Olamilekan
“This Is My Own Testimony” This is my own testimony. I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to Whomp Int'l Centre Alternative therapy Ltd and the entire team. I came across your website when searching online for natural solutions to help me conceive and decided to give it a try even though I have used some other herbal products, I also know that all herbal products are not produce the same so I decided to try yours and I am thankful to God that I tried. My issue was about my menses, it was always coming late and the colour was almost black but when I took treatment from you the first month I noticed the colour became better and then by the following month it was normal red colour and this same month I noticed I was ovulating. That was how I missed my period and now I am 6 months gone. I have told my friends trying to conceive to come get your fertility products, I know they will also conceive because your fertility products work. Thank you so much. Mrs.****Olamilekan,Lekki Phase one Lagos Nigeria.
Mrs. *** Adeoye ××××××××
I have been married for 5 years with no child. During this period, I and hubby went for several medical tests discovered i had Chamlydia while my husband had Staphylococcus and Azoospermia.We took medications as directed but to no avail. Sometimes I will not see my mensural cycle for straight 3 months and we will think it is pregnancy. But all pregnancy test indicated negative. Further medical tests revealed I had and I was already at d verge of operating it before I ran into Whomp health care herbal clinic. I sent a mail to them on the challenges I had and I was told to buy Deekah herbal formulea,Feertimenzin with Tee&Tee Detox for myself and Spermo-vite herbal formulae with Tee&Tee herbal Detox for men for my hubby to restore,revive and boost his count. As we were finishing the three months supply, to the glory of God, I was pregnant. I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on November 30th, 2017. Thank you Dr.Aminu Kazeem Olawale for being a blessing to mankind. God bless you. Mrs. Adeoye Donald Dolphin estate lagos Nigeria.
Success Story: Mrs. Amarachi ××××× Job 4
“I Just Delivered a Bouncing Baby Boy and Girl. I just delivered a bouncing baby boy. My name is Mrs. Amarachi, I am sending you this testimony to let you know that I just delivered a bouncing baby boy on the 27th of April, 2019. I and baby are doing very well. I would also like to use this opportunity to thank all of you over there, especially the fertility consultant who not only recommended the fertility treatment that helped me conceive but also supported me during my pregnancy. Knowing that my hormones were not okay to conceive shocked me because I thought I was very okay, I always watched what I eat, tried to keep fit and all that but thank God I found your Health and herbal fertility company Whomp Int'l Centre Alternative Therapy Ltd. This is my first baby and the support I got from your fertility company was amazing. God bless you all. Mrs. Amarachi ×××××× From Diobu Portharcut.
Success Story: Mrs.David ××××××××××
“Sperm Count Bounced Back In 3 Months” My husband’s sperm count bounced back in 3 months and I am happy we tried your fertility products Spermo-vite Herbal Capsules. I am from Asaba, Delta State. I just clocked 34 years old while my husband is 44 years. We have been struggling to have children for the past 8 years which was when I was 26 years old. After the first year of trying to get pregnant, we decided to seek support at the hospital. We ran several tests, my report was okay but that of my husband stated low sperm count about 5 million. My husband was given drugs to take which he completed but I could not get pregnant. My husband became worried that we were going through this, he then suggested that we try another hospital which we did. He was also given some medications to boost his sperm. After some time we went to repeat a semen analysis test hoping to see that the sperm count has increased but we were shocked to see that the sperm count came down to 8 million. Then I became worried and started seeking a solution. Then we resulted to local means, some of them will give me something to cook for him or they will prepare some liquid for him to drink and also for me, we did all that and I still could not get pregnant. Several years passed, and I got to 33 years and was not happy because I thought at this age I will be through with giving birth but now I have not even started. Somehow, my husband got to know about Spermo-vite Herbal Capsules online. He called the office and he said the person that picked asked him how low is his sperm count, then he said the last one he did years back was 8 million. Then he decided to do another semen analysis just to be sure, only for the report to show 8 million and this really touched him. Without wasting time, he decided to call the Whomp Centre Herbs Ltd office back to tell them the sperm count is now 8 million. Then they told him the fertility herbal medicine to get. That very day he ordered Spermo-vite herbal Capsules, I could remember telling him that I like the name because it is going to help him to restore his sperm count and become a daddy soon. True to it, after taking the treatment I got pregnant. My husband was so happy. I had my baby boy in May, 2020. Also, while I was still carrying my pregnancy, my husband did another semen analysis test, because he said he was told to repeat the test after exhausting the Spermo-vite herbal formulae. He came home smiling that day and I asked what is happening, he handed a small white envelop to me and said look at it. Then I opened it and saw that the report stated his sperm count to be 84 million, everything was just okay. Then, I decided I must share this testimony. Thank you Whomp Herbs Ltd for bringing joy to my home. I love you all. Mrs. Mrs.David ×××××××××× Asokoro FCT Abuja.


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