Welcome to Whomp Int’L Centre Alternatives Therapy Ltd; a research herbal firm duly registered with Cooperate Affair Commission for manufacturing & distribution of natural organic herbal medicine.The Herbal Firm which is synonymous with quality service in the cure and prevention of diseases.This has become a house-hold name and has brought succor to many patients who have benefited from the abundant curative wisdom.

Over 20 years in actively involved in herbal researched & development, we have made natural Organic.With Our undying passion in research to bring a qualitative and curable herbal products to the permanent cure for any types of sturbon bacteria or viral pathogens and infertility issues in Nigeria and at world at large. We have made our natural organic herbal products to become the toast of people in Africa and world at large.

The efficacy of our herbal products is guarantee and we have redefined natural Organic herbal medicine ,made it an art of human face.Our proven medicinal plants herbal revolution provides high quality,both inform of tonics,powdered ,tea and capsules which can heal the world.

Our vision is to promote culture values of healthy lifestyle though certified herbal products and increase community awareness on common health issues through our series of educative health talks, articles and other highly educative activities.

The efficacy of our products is guarantee because it is a certified and tested herbal products you can trust for good health and general well-beings.

We all came from nature,we live with nature and no body can survive without nature. Remember,when wealth is lost, nothing is lost, when health is lost, something is lost but when life is lost, everything is lost. Health is the greatest wealth.

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